Your Inside Is Out When Your Outside Is In

You’ve been outside before, haven’t you? It’s made of cold and grizzle. Not grizzly – I don’t live in Northern America – but grizzle which is a peculiar blend of grumpy and drizzle which ensures that human and environment are somehow symbiotic.

I was outside today, just for a while. I didn’t like the outside but travelling through some outside places meant I arrived at inside places and was able to have lunch with my son then coffee with a friend. So, while my body isn’t fond of me for dragging it through the outside places while it continues to feel like ouch and pain we’re specifically invented for it, my soul is happy to have spent time with folks I like.

I more than like my son, I love him. He’s awesome. If you don’t know him then you should. Because awesome.

I’m home now. Home is where I keep my bed which is both a great place to stop being upright and a place of warm. I approve of both of these benefits of bed and intend to value them for the rest of the evening. Because I’ve been outside before and it sucks.


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