Hip Hip Hip Hooray

Sunshine happened today. As a matter of fact it has happened on a few days this week but I’ve been too dragged down by mini-flare-up and faceache to enter the outside world at the same time as the sun happening. But today I did. Enter it. It’s ok, I had the owner’s permission and everything.

Having missed appointments earlier in the week because of needing to stay in bed going ouch I wasn’t sure I’d get to physio today and decided to make my decision on waking up. Hooray me because even though I woke up feeling quite shit I recognised that it was less shit than the last couple of days so I went to the physio anyway. It is group work now (my one to one stuff has been interrupted by the physio having family issues that need to be prioritised) so it was a little weird to be in a room full of people instead of just a few. I know which exercises help me most, however, so was able to sort of exist in my own space amongst the others.

The sun continued to shine after I finished physio so I took a circuitous walk home, even calling in on the museum for a brief tour of the lower floor and a cuppa in the cafe. I had planned to try and get the car going again today but once home I was smart enough to realise that my body has done quite a lot from a standing start and maybe I shouldn’t push myself any further. If it is still sunny tomorrow I will hopefully find someone to help me jump the car battery and then take the thing off on a long enough run to make said battery no longer need jumping.

Or cry hot, fevered tears of rage and frustration by the side of some dusty road.


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2 Responses to Hip Hip Hip Hooray

  1. “I was smart enough to realise that my body has done quite a lot from a standing start and maybe I shouldn’t push myself any further.”

    This. So much this. Being preggers, I have to remind myself that my “real” bedtime is really about 6 pm, and if I can’t go to sleep then, I at least need to stop working by then.

    And emotionally. I push myself to do “one more thing” all the time and then go off on people. Not fair to me or them.

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    • planet says:

      Never easy to listen to our bodies when the nbody is basically telling us to behave eh? Congratulations on soon-to-be number 3, btw 🙂


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