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There’s A City In My Mind

Hearts weigh a similar amount, on the whole. Yet we talk of heavy hearts and right now mine is dragging me down into the slough of despond because it currently registers several tons on the heart scales. I am not … Continue reading

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Everybody Look At My Pants

I haven’t heard back after my fit-to-fly test yesterday. Given I leave Exeter on Monday and fly Tuesday morning they’re cutting it fine to sort me out with oxygen and for me to inform the airline if I do indeed … Continue reading

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And I’m Gonna Be Hiiiiiiiiigh As A Kite By Then

I’ve been up at the hospital for a fit-to-fly test this morning. This consists of them checking pulse and oxygen levels for a few minutes then shoving a peg on your nose and putting a scuba-type mouthpiece in your gob … Continue reading

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I went up to the hospital twice today. Once for my morning appointment with the respiratory specialist and the second time to check in my friend who was having some tests in the afternoon. It will come as no surprise … Continue reading

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I’m Going Deep, Baby

Depression. Deep. Deep. Deep. I am up with my fed. Dumped in my downness. My happy is unbunnied. This year is almost half done and it is so far unlikely to be remembered especially fondly by me. Of course if … Continue reading

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Can I Kick It?

I know, most of you are sick of the cup filled with world football already and it’s only been going five days. I’m not sick of it. The kicky abouty stuff takes my mind off my current depression concerning my … Continue reading

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Putin A Brave Face On

In order to help distract me from the agonies and anxieties of my recent recurrence of health issues the world has decided to have a cup of football. Wall to wall kicky runny fally over stupid haircut scorey scorey scorey. … Continue reading

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Doctor And The Medics

Another day, another national health service waiting room. I’m very early, on purpose, for my appointment with my GP. I say ‘my’ GP but since last year when the doctor I’d been registered with moved to a different surgery I … Continue reading

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Information Reinforcement

Tuesday evening, just hooked myself up to the day’s third dose of IV antibiotic. It’s all routine now. The hand washing and the sterilising beforehand, the pressure required to flush the line with saline, the check to make sure the … Continue reading

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Luke 22:19

It seems obvious to say that hospital is a place where you get a lot of time to think yet any time I’ve had to stay under the care of the NHS it does strike me that I am alone … Continue reading

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