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The Passing Of Time

Here’s another axiom after the err/forgive idiom of my last blog post – procrastination is the thief of time. Just as I had reconciled myself to making peace with somebody who never took responsibility for their part in our estrangement … Continue reading

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On Forgiveness

To err is human; to forgive divine. So the saying goes. Forgiveness must therefore be good for the soul, perhaps both for the one forgiven and for the one doing the forgiving. But is it always so straightforward? What if … Continue reading

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The Strangeness Of Kinders

Have I been friends with Thursday and Friday? Why thank you for asking. The answer is a resounding no. I have been filled with powerful muscle pains while also trying to deal with the aftermath of Wednesday’s nosebleed kind of … Continue reading

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Oh Bloody Hell

Oh dear. Wednesday began with a big old nosebleed. Amazing how much blood a nose keeps inside itself. What does it need all that blood for? Apart from to make dark, crusty bogeys in winter, of course. I’ve probably got … Continue reading

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How To Shoot A Breeze

I have humaned. I spent time being human today, in the fine, fine company of Adam (king of kings), and I succeeded at the humaning for several consecutive hours. Bright shiny sky weather invited us to eat foodstuffs down by … Continue reading

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A Parsec Isn’t A Measurement Of Time

On Saturday I was full of self-congratulation at feeling no serious after-effects of the physio I did on Friday. That’ll learn me (an Americanism, grammarians, I know the English term). Sunday I began to realise I’d simply had a day’s … Continue reading

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Equal Nox

Is it Springtime yet? The equinox of autumnal foreboding has happened and I’m already dreading the coming winter. Last winter was so full of biting cold and bitchy snow that it left me poorly equipped to deal with 2018. Hibernation … Continue reading

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He Works For Peanuts, You Know

Plip. Plop. Plip. These are not sound effects for a gippy tummy, this is the noise the rain makes outside my window. Just my window, nobody else’s. This is my own personal rain cloud. God has written my name in … Continue reading

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And When The Band You’re In Starts Playing Different Tunes

It was with reluctance and after two breakfasts plus several buckets of coffee that I began Friday. Eventually the last day of the working week and I got on perfectly well but for a while there it was touch and … Continue reading

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The Sleep Of Unreason

Much sleep is a good thing. Bad dreams are not so helpful. I don’t have nightmares, as such (only had about five genuine nightmares since I was a child) but I can have dreams that disturb or disorientate me when … Continue reading

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