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There’s A World Outside Your Window

I did some world today. Not exotic parts of it, unless Sidwell Street in Exeter is exotic. It’s got a huge grocery store called Mesopotamia now so maybe it is. And it had a Si. You know Si. He knows … Continue reading

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In Which I Whinge About The Events Of The Past Year One Final Time

A year ago I was about to spend my second ever New Year’s Eve in hospital. I’d already been on the wards for nine days, having been admitted before Christmas, and I had a few days left to go before … Continue reading

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Ten Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

I resolve to continue being a human being and not to suddenly transform into a leopard. I resolve not to wear any of my hats on my feet. I resolve to eat food when I’m hungry, not pieces of old … Continue reading

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Ta Very Much

It will come as no surprise to the two and a half people who read this blog that I am not a fan of 2018. Boo, I say to 2018. And fuck. And off. However, even in the crappiest of … Continue reading

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It’s Only Just Begun

So here it is, Merry Friday, everybody’s having Friday. Except me. I’ve asked to be excused Fridays and be allowed to experience three years ago last Thursday instead. Ah what a day that was. There was bedding and lying down … Continue reading

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Fog Everywhere

With less than a week until a new year begins, today I somehow drove further than I have at any other point in 2018. Not from Devon to Scotland or anything so adventurous, just to North Somerset to spend a … Continue reading

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Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Knock knock knocking at the door. Who is it? Oh it’s Muhammad Ali and he’s clocked me right in the jaw. Ow. Fall over. Have a little sleepy. Knock knock knocking at the door. Who is it now? Oh it’s … Continue reading

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