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How Cold My Toes, Tiddly-Pom

I’m told that if you venture outside into the Exeter lands today, you will notice snow happening to you. I’m told this but I cannot confirm it because I’m made of bed and asleep. I’m not even awake as I … Continue reading

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Write Turn, Clyde

Although I managed to get out to buy groceries yesterday I didn’t feel like I’d done anything more than drag my reluctant carcass to a dreary chore. When insomnia beat up on me all night I doubted Wednesday and I … Continue reading

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I Can I Can’t

I don’t like much about this week so far. Having a song rattling around my head in search of completion is the good part, the rest is highly debatable. In fact, scrub that, there’s no debate: the rest sucks arse. … Continue reading

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Zhuangzi Is A Chrysallis

Humans were so distressing yesterday that I’ve eschewed them today. The language snob in me has eschewed them because some of them won’t know what eschew means. The other seventy-eight percent of me just can’t cope with all that person … Continue reading

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Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes

Please sir, please, can there be less people, sir? No sir, I don’t mean in an anti-immigration, ‘my country is full up’ kind of way. I mean in a ‘there are just too many people existing’ kind of way. I … Continue reading

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Climby Up Yer Spout

Rain. There is rain. It splashes the ground but originates in the sky. This is the standard arrangement with rain. No need to phone Michael Fish. He’s retired anyway. And isn’t a real fish. He was just a weatherman. And … Continue reading

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There has been a small improvement in ouch eye stuff. Not a huge improvement as my eyes still go ouch and radiate redness, but compared to yesterday’s ouch and redness it is a tiny bit reduced. I’m still struggling to … Continue reading

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