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Winner Loser

Yesterday was a day of victories. Driving up to Ilminster to spend time with my Mum on her birthday – win. Also getting to see favoured aunt and uncle who came over to see Mum too – win. Being home … Continue reading

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And Every Day The Paper Boy Brings More

Forty-nine paces. That’s how far apart the saxophone buskers are in my city. Forty-nine squawk parp Charlie Parker turning in his grave paces. So close together they might have been better off pooling forces and cycling round an endless Baker … Continue reading

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Gong Show

And the award for sleepygrumpypoorlyfucker goes to… …it’s me, again. Well what an amazing surprise. I’d like to thank the academy, my trousers, the makers of cake, Stalin, pillows and skinny Buddha. Who’d a thunk it? And as for the … Continue reading

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Made Me Shiver

There have now been twenty-three Februaries since time began. Which doesn’t sound like many. Time began only twenty-three Februaries ago? Surely not. It feels like at least twenty-six. Before there was time we ran around naked as the day wasn’t … Continue reading

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That’s Not Number Wang

I did all up asleeping for the Friday you’ve been having because I’m an allergic to your nonsense. Now it’s dark I can creep about in the unlit places and you can’t see me cos you go night blind with … Continue reading

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Falling Without Style

With great reluctance my ridiculous body has allowed me to pull it into the shape of town but only because I have to be at the dentist in an hour and if I didn’t move myself about I’d miss the … Continue reading

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Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus

I dreamt I was dreaming and couldn’t wake up. Then I woke up. The unconscious is a dick. It feels as though I put on the wrong legs this morning, uncooperative legs with somebody else’s fatigue in them. After all, … Continue reading

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Waiting In The Sky

Don’t even. But, on the other hand, don’t uneven. Several days of almost being like a human turned into a today of sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep. It’s not my favourite kind of today but if it’s what … Continue reading

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What do the letters 18 and 2019 and the numbers Monday and February have in common? Today! They are today. Good old cyclical month names and sequential day numbering, they make every day both familiar and brand new. Calendar people … Continue reading

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Never Simile At A Crododile

You know similes? When someone mentions a thing and defines it in comparison to a different thing? Like, for example, saying an early Spring is like premature ejaculation because it is sort of exciting but ultimately overwhelming and rather disappointing … Continue reading

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