Falling Without Style

With great reluctance my ridiculous body has allowed me to pull it into the shape of town but only because I have to be at the dentist in an hour and if I didn’t move myself about I’d miss the joys of having someone larking about inside my face.

It is a day of hurting. Not of listening to ‘The Hurting’, the excellent title track from Tears For Fears debut album, or indeed anything from that collection. Not for me the pleasure of 1983 synth pop, there is dentistry to be endured and then, probably, crying. Because my ridiculous body hurts, didn’t I say? I mean, it hurts every day but today is an ‘up to eleven’ day of hurt. And beyond.

What is beyond infinity? Buzz Lightyear never did say, did he? I bet it is a dental surgery with only one magazine in the waiting room – a glossy promo for the services of Dignitas.

With great reluctance my ridiculous mind has made words skitter across my screen. Can I go back to bed now? Oh no I can’t, because dentist. Damn.

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