And Heaven In A Wild Flower

I’ve had myself a nice weekend, how was yours? This is rhetorical but you could tell me if you like. Unless something really traumatic and awful happened, in which case don’t write a comment and let the whole world know, whisper it to me somewhere else. Unless somehow I was involved in traumatising you, in which case I’m best avoided and why the heck are you reading my blog as I’m clearly an arse.

Anyway, on Friday I struck up a random conversation in a cafe with a woman who didn’t have time to eat her double sandwich order before needing to get back to work so she asked me and others sitting nearby if we would like the second sandwich. A small act of altruism but these things stand out because they can be rare moments amongst strangers. And then, as I say, we chatted a little and by the time she’d gone off back to her workplace our corner of the cafe felt warmer and nicer and more connected for a bunch of people who didn’t know one another at all.

On Saturday I saw a friend in that same cafe. His young son would rather he’d had his dad’s attention but us older chaps had a good old natter anyway. At the start of this year I did not make resolutions as such but I did hope to be physically capable of seeing more of my friends and this is panning out quite well. The writers group is a social event as well as one to get the ideas flowing; the academic excursions of recent weeks have been peopled with friends old and new; seeing my son last Monday was a gift of spending time with my most favourite human being of all the humans. And today I went to spend a few hours with some more wonderful humans – one of my very favourite married couples and their two young boys.

They fed me amazing food and I had conversations with all of them. With the boys I mostly chatted about Netflix, Marvel films and Lord of The Rings with a side order of good books too. The adult conversation was inspiring, enriching and utterly heartwarming so my soul as well as my belly was absolutely full by the time I headed back home. My drive from their coastal home back to Exeter was really nice too: windows down, sun flickering through woodland, birdsong accompanying me almost the entire way and no arseholes making the drive troublesome.

Apart from today’s lunch date, nothing was planned this weekend yet it has brought me so much in the way of small, important joys. While my body may still be suffering the way it did throughout 2018 there is a different feel emotionally to this year so far. If that difference comes only from my being able to gain great pleasure in small wonders then I’ve definitely progressed in the last three or four months. More of that please.


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