He Cites References, He Scores!

Modern Humanities Research Association. MHRA, if you want to refer to them without taking up so many syllables. It’s been a long time since I checked their style guide but spent maybe an hour this morning reading through some of the many pages they have dedicated to ensuring academic work of a humanities type nature is presented using the codes and customs they accept.

As I’ve said, I don’t yet know how sustainable my attempts to work towards a thesis will prove to be because of my stupid health. And even if they are sustainable, submission of said thesis is a long, long way off. But it’s good practise to practise good, ain’t it? (sic)

I wrote up notes after that then done a face speak with our man in American. We are the funniest people in the universe and you should pay money to hear us make you laugh. Well, make one another laugh. In fact, I don’t care if you listen or not, just give us lots and lots of money because we’re awesome and won’t spend it on stupidity. Most of it will be spent on cake.

And now I am not working or speak facing for the rest of the daytime or early evening because of football of the Women’s World Cup variety being all over Friday telly. Scotland are currently losing and it offends my surname. Come on, ladies, start some winning now.

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