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Maybe We Stomp On It

Just had a terrible thought in the midst of an online conversation with a friend – while most people seem to believe that Boris ‘Actually A Conniving Bastard And Not A Bumbling Oaf’ Johnson has brought about the worst case … Continue reading

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Darling Fascist Bully Boy

Stupid bank holiday weekend. All the banks hopped into their cars and towed caravans down to the coast, clogging up the roads fucking everywhere. Selfish pricks. And they don’t even let their apps have a holiday. I checked my bank … Continue reading

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Carry On Follow That Camel

Oh hello, nice to see you here staring at my words on a screen. You evidently need to read a miserable post about how my health is messing with my life. What’s that? You were hoping this would be one … Continue reading

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This Is The Title Of A Blog Post

The month of Augustus Gloop has a week left to exist before it has to pack up its bikini bottoms and head back to the storage facility where months live out eleven twelfths of their year. Except in leap year, … Continue reading

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Oh Look, Another Insomniac Shitpost

I can’t tell if tonight’s insomnia is just another episode in a three week-long saga of broken nights and lost days or whether it is special in its own right because I’m anxious about a visit to the doctor’s surgery … Continue reading

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It’s All Erroneous Information

You’ve experienced instant regret, right? That feeling of having decided upon a course of action that immediately reveals itself to be an idiotic choice which leaves you no further option but to then choose remorse, regret, rueing and other words … Continue reading

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Encore Une Fois

Je suis fatigué. Which is French for ‘slightly misspelt, tired Jesus’. No, not Jesus: me. I’m the fatigued one. Because, you know, buying groceries is exhausting and requires an entire day of recovery. If you’re rubbish. Which I am. Pizza … Continue reading

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