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He Works For Peanuts, You Know

Plip. Plop. Plip. These are not sound effects for a gippy tummy, this is the noise the rain makes outside my window. Just my window, nobody else’s. This is my own personal rain cloud. God has written my name in … Continue reading

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And When The Band You’re In Starts Playing Different Tunes

It was with reluctance and after two breakfasts plus several buckets of coffee that I began Friday. Eventually the last day of the working week and I got on perfectly well but for a while there it was touch and … Continue reading

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The Sleep Of Unreason

Much sleep is a good thing. Bad dreams are not so helpful. I don’t have nightmares, as such (only had about five genuine nightmares since I was a child) but I can have dreams that disturb or disorientate me when … Continue reading

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Station Announcement

Stopping. The mind now standing on platform bed is stopping, stopping, stopping. Passengers are reminded to take all of their belongings with them if they don’t want to be thought of as idiots. Or terrorists. Or terrorist idiots. Please note, … Continue reading

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This Is This

The city streets were busy today, so much so that I couldn’t last more than an hour in the centre before having to head home and sit in silence. As well as overwhelmed, I felt lonely in the crowd. And … Continue reading

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Steeler’s Wheel

Mittwok. It’s a weekly festival of inbetweeniness. A time of groaning pageantry. Well, not pageantry exactly, more a craning of the neck and staring forward to the end of the working day on Friday. Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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The Second Time As Farce.

The students are out in Exeter. The arcs of personal space on the streets have been sapped and sopped away. Fresher’s Week, a time for new students to drink themselves into giddy oblivion and for the returning students to renew … Continue reading

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