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Something. Today I have already done something. I’ve done coming into town for coffee and that’s where I am right now, coffeeing. Because I can make any word I like a verb and you can’t stop me – I’ve got … Continue reading

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You Could Leave Your Government Unlocked…

Nothing. Or an approximation of. That was my Saturday. Breathing happened so that’s something. Eating happened but in a really detached way that ensured no actual cooking was part of the equation. Sleep definitely happened. And then happened again. And … Continue reading

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He Cites References, He Scores!

Modern Humanities Research Association. MHRA, if you want to refer to them without taking up so many syllables. It’s been a long time since I checked their style guide but spent maybe an hour this morning reading through some of … Continue reading

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There is some weather out there that belongs in April, not June. Maybe it belongs in March, seeing as how the temperature has gone all wanky cold, but the rain and rain and rain and slight stop for some not … Continue reading

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Like A South-Bound Freight Train

One of the books I looked through as part of my research for last week’s conference was a biography of Karl Marx subtitled ‘Man and Fighter’. Now I am unable to get the image of Marx as a boxer to … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Start The Fire…Or So He Says

I’m not a personal friend of Billy Joel so I can’t call him up in the middle of the night and ask if he would sing that line “In the middle of the night” from one of his songs to … Continue reading

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A Monday, you say? So soon? Didn’t we just have a Monday? I’m not really a fan of them, truth be told. They’re so start of the week. They’re made of loud and busy. They taste of not enough Sunday. … Continue reading

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