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Though Your Dreams Be Tossed And Blown

I know, I know, the world misses my stupid blogging. Well, it doesn’t, but it’s good to pretend you have readers now and then. Maybe not an entire world. I don’t want orange flavoured presidents reading my words, not unless … Continue reading

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Have you been mis-sold a Friday? I have. The Friday I believed I was purchasing was one with some walking about a bit in it. And it was possibly going to have the making of a gert lush meal made … Continue reading

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Oh Ye Slimy Things That Walk With Legs

In all this lockdown nonsense I have wondered whether my legs will ever sustain me again should I desire to use them for walking anywhere that is further than the kitchen or the toilet. Yesterday, under strict non-laboratory conditions, I … Continue reading

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Such A Wantwit Sadness

Of late I have felt that language is extremely unsuitable when it comes to conveying the complexity of intertwined emotions. This is no revelation to me, I have long since believed words are at best vague, shabby interpretations of the … Continue reading

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Pick n Mix

It has been a rather mixed day. I released the album I’ve been working on for almost four years and it has been received pretty well so far. Making music has always been important to me and the advent of … Continue reading

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New Album

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately, partly because I haven’t had much to say but largely because I’ve been finishing off my new album of music with the studio project I call ‘the madlys’. You can listen here. Maybe … Continue reading

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Covid N-n-n-n-nineteen

Thank you Mister Johnsonboris, we all hail/heil and salute you with very straight arms and walk confidently back into a world still full of deadly virus because you’ve told us everything is dandyfine and splendid. We believe you, you’re a … Continue reading

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Thirteen weeks ago my isolation began; that’s three months; an entire planetary season. News today came that the government has totally ceased pretending to care about the medically vulnerable, or anyone, because they’re effectively saying we can all go back … Continue reading

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100 Days Of No Sportitude

Hello football, you look different: have you done something with your hair? You’ve had the fans removed from it, you say? Well that’s a drastic change but you’re rocking it so far. We should go for a drink sometime, just … Continue reading

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Isn’t it incredible that Covid-19 is cured and we can all go back to the drudgery of capitalist wage slavery joyfully and giddily, just like before? Once they roll out the vaccine they’ve made we will all be hugging one … Continue reading

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