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He Cites References, He Scores!

Modern Humanities Research Association. MHRA, if you want to refer to them without taking up so many syllables. It’s been a long time since I checked their style guide but spent maybe an hour this morning reading through some of … Continue reading

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That Dinkum Thinkum

Yesterday’s conference was an inspiring experience. The multiple panels meant that I got to hear about the research of quite a lot of diverse speakers. My little ten minutes in front of the room also meant I felt fully part … Continue reading

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Words About Words About Words

The first part of my current flirtation with academic events is done: I have completed my paper for tomorrow’s conference and received excellent feedback from no finer source than my Oxford educated son. The next step may prove more problematic … Continue reading

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All-Writey Then

Wake up, shove food into the face, write. Become distracted by a family of sparrows who have decided the unruly bush outside my front door is a fascinating habitat. Make coffee. Write. Drum fingers on desk. Delete most of what … Continue reading

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Why Is Rodin Making A Sculpture Of Me?

Twenty years ago I learnt that it is just as fulfilling for me to wake up with academic considerations whirling around the front of my mind as it is for me to wake to a brain that wants me to … Continue reading

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The Great Asparagus

Yesterday afternoon was an academic treat. I took a break from dry political statistics of the 1830s and attended a lecture on the legacy of European colonialism by now EU member states. I learned many things I didn’t know – … Continue reading

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My body is rebelling. I’d like to have taken it out to enjoy some of the sights and fun of Exeter Pride today but my body is cross with me for spending a couple of days moving about and being … Continue reading

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