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Oingo Boingo

There was a punk band called the Spasmodics, wasn’t there? I’m sure I haven’t just made them up, even though I frequently make things up instead of remembering real things. Like that time I didn’t want to remember Boris Johnson … Continue reading

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I’m finding it really hard having to cope with my stupid body being really beaten up by a couple of days in London. For a few weeks now I have been able to spend time with a lot of friends … Continue reading

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Man from a small town pounding on the paving till it sounds like home again. Look up, the buildings stretch relentless: rainbows, dollar signs and sunscreen make a human popsicle. We used to talk to gods whose calls we now … Continue reading

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Yellow Lorry Slow

Soonish, or perhaps just gone by, it will be the fiftieth anniversary of a giant leap for humankind – when Liverpudlians walked on the zebra crossing closest to EMI’s Abbey Road studios. They came in peace for all mankind. Because … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Milliganese Tardis

What a delightful dream I had last night. I met Spike Milligan and went to his house to discuss some of my research ideas. As dreams go it’s right up there with the ones I have in which I am … Continue reading

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And Heaven In A Wild Flower

I’ve had myself a nice weekend, how was yours? This is rhetorical but you could tell me if you like. Unless something really traumatic and awful happened, in which case don’t write a comment and let the whole world know, … Continue reading

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Mind And Matter

One of the side-effects of having been able to do a little more socialising over the last week or so is that for the first time in so very long my days have not melted into one another to make … Continue reading

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