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Tiny Wednesday

Bollocks to Wednesday. In fact, bollocks to all Wednesdays. Every single Wednesday is made of arse and wankery. And misery. Or that might just be my Wednesdays. If I were an iguana in a taxi cab I’d probably be on … Continue reading

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Decline And Fall

I continue to sleep and sleep and sleep. When I wake I eat and poop though rarely at the same time. And I medicate. Then I sleep. The anxieties of having to look after myself again are gigantic. My persistent … Continue reading

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Merry Hospitations

Just as I was settling into an acceptance of being back on the respiratory ward things got frantic and changes came. One of the patients in my six bed bay was confirmed to have a rather virulent flu bug and … Continue reading

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Another Hospital, Another Life

The first time I had to stay in hospital came when I was a very small child and I have no memories of the experience. I think I had blood poisoning but have no idea how long I was kept … Continue reading

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Life On The Ward

Welcome to the ward. Welcome to reassuringly kindly health care professionals asking extremely personal questions. Welcome to octogenarians sharing stories of lives lived fifty, sixty years ago. Welcome to plastic cups filled with plastic-looking water to help you swallow plastic-coated … Continue reading

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Don’t Walk, Don’t Walk, Don’t Walk

I’m not a waity kind of guy at the best of times. This is not the best of times (feel free to ponder Dickensian revolutionary fiction if you wish). While it seems most likely that my admittance to hospital will … Continue reading

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My Favourite Inside Source

This morning I had a clinical follow-up to the trial of the new med I’ve been on. My spirometry tests showed worse readings than two weeks ago, which is not necessarily a reflection of the trial – the med is … Continue reading

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