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Doctor And The Medics

Another day, another national health service waiting room. I’m very early, on purpose, for my appointment with my GP. I say ‘my’ GP but since last year when the doctor I’d been registered with moved to a different surgery I … Continue reading

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Information Reinforcement

Tuesday evening, just hooked myself up to the day’s third dose of IV antibiotic. It’s all routine now. The hand washing and the sterilising beforehand, the pressure required to flush the line with saline, the check to make sure the … Continue reading

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Luke 22:19

It seems obvious to say that hospital is a place where you get a lot of time to think yet any time I’ve had to stay under the care of the NHS it does strike me that I am alone … Continue reading

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Veiny Night In Georgia*

Being awake and conscious enough to self-administer an intravenous drug at six in the morning does not come naturally to me. Fortunately alarms can be loud and the promise of a cup of tea to sup on while I sort … Continue reading

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(Almost) Time To Go Home

Tomorrow morning I will be sent home in the early hours in order to be able to receive a delivery of meds for eight in the morning. For some reason the meds themselves cannot be delivered to me at the … Continue reading

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NHS Holidays

The mini-break I mentioned in (possibly) my last blog post turned into a longer excursion than the intended couple of nights as my health took a turn for the worse while I was away and I ended up staying with … Continue reading

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Head & Hearts & Bones

Yesterday I spoke at length with my therapist about the growing despair my physical problems have been causing me these past few months. The work I do with her is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which has various levels and multiple benefits … Continue reading

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