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Waity Matey

‘All being well…’ Those are the words that came to mind when considering the opening to this blog post but they are somewhat contradictory. For this post concerns the fact that if there is a bed free in the hospital … Continue reading

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So Good They Named It

The interthing of webbing is a clever innovation. Have you heard about it? It’s like steam engines only it uses much less coal and doesn’t need rails. Or it’s exactly like the spinning jenny if they mean Jenny the alcoholic … Continue reading

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A Kind of Hush

It’s been slightly quieter here than it usually is. In this blog place, I mean, not my life. Although my life is necessarily quiet because of continued respiratory flare-up. A month of two different antibiotics hasn’t improved things very much … Continue reading

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Darling Fascist Bully Boy

Stupid bank holiday weekend. All the banks hopped into their cars and towed caravans down to the coast, clogging up the roads fucking everywhere. Selfish pricks. And they don’t even let their apps have a holiday. I checked my bank … Continue reading

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Carry On Follow That Camel

Oh hello, nice to see you here staring at my words on a screen. You evidently need to read a miserable post about how my health is messing with my life. What’s that? You were hoping this would be one … Continue reading

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Call Of Doody

While I’m not convinced my antibiotics have improved the current flare-up much these last two weeks I have at least managed to go outside today. To a grocery store, no less. A small matter to most but, given I’ve struggled … Continue reading

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Just Say Meh

I did an outside today. Did you see me? I was the one looking really out of breath and muttering about not wanting to do an outside. But I had to do an outside to pick up some meds. I … Continue reading

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