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Thirteen weeks ago my isolation began; that’s three months; an entire planetary season. News today came that the government has totally ceased pretending to care about the medically vulnerable, or anyone, because they’re effectively saying we can all go back … Continue reading

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Snicker Snack!

These are the not quite end times. There isn’t enough End to go round so we’ll have to make do with a mix n match apocalypse until supplies have been replenished. Feel free to sacrifice yourself to a cartoon mouse … Continue reading

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What’s Mr Chips Doing?

Week six of total lockdown begins. Which should be a game show. Total Lockdown, hosted by Richard ‘Not A Real Hamster’ Hammond, a can of oil and a prison governor, in which contestants try to recreate the cover art of … Continue reading

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My mum was born five years before the outbreak of the Second World War; my father just a year before that war broke out. I’ve heard about some of their experiences of wartime itself but their more tangible memories concerned … Continue reading

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I So Latey

Lasagne in the oven having heat thrown at it in order to make it tasty. Chocolates via delivery thanks to my splendid friend Colette (who is happy birthdaying today). Various groceries courtesy of my awesome cousin Lisa who dropped them … Continue reading

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Doing Time

The days bleed into one another when you are confined to your home. Noises from the world beyond the window become exotic, an alluring alternative to the sound of anxieties scrambling around inside your head. You eat to pass the … Continue reading

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The Art Of Passing Time While In Self-Isolation

As quite a few people have pointed out to me since the UK government effectively asked us all to spend lots of time at home away from large groups of other people, my history of health issues means I have … Continue reading

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Unfreaky Friday

Have a Friday, they said. Fridays are made of enlightenment and Swiss chocolate, they said. Fridays are the day all other days of the week wish they could be, they said. Who the fuck are ‘they’? What gives them the … Continue reading

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Spare Rib

While my ribs were all messed up I did realise I was being far more solitary than is usual for me but it was tough to find the energy to rise above the pain and despondency and do much about … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Put Humpty Together Again

It seems I’m not meant to arrive in America via Chicago’s O’Hare airport. In July 2018 a vacation had to be cancelled because of my stupid lungs. This week I’ve just had to cancel another USA trip but only indirectly … Continue reading

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