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Back Of My Neck Getting Dirty And Gritty

Look at the still hot weather imploding itself on Britain. Go on, look at it. Go outside and look it in the eye and tell it you’re not perturbed by a bit of sunshine, that your grandfather once bummed a … Continue reading

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Cock Knocker

Ha ha ha ha ha! Also, tee hee hee hee hee. Oh the wanking great irony. Chest flare up slowly improving but requires another week of medication. So to kick me in the proverbials my stomach muscles are twisted to … Continue reading

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Mr McGee, Don’t Make Me Angry

When in doubt, stop. This is the motto by which I have lived today. An excess of tiredness and the return of last week’s relentless cough scuppered plans I’d had to attend the latest fund raising musical extravaganza in memory … Continue reading

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The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucky Stuff Since The Last Big Bunch Of Sucky Stuff

Wednesday sucks. Which is convenient as I have only one thing to say to Wednesday – ‘Suck it, you shitty wanker of a day.” Coughing all night until I finally managed to sleep at something like six in the morning … Continue reading

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Hi Ho

How many of Disney’s Seven Dwarves can I be today? Before I answer that I need to allow my personal pedant out for a little run. I say ‘Disney’s Seven Dwarves’ because as far as I am aware the strangely … Continue reading

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Mighty Multi Tasky

Today’s energy levels would suggest I am improving after last week’s washout from toothache and then from having a tooth removed. It still hurts but I have been multi tasking today so I’m getting back to Steve-type-normality. I have taken … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I haven’t really been very good at the week just gone. In fact I’ve failed it. Face ache, fuckhead, grumpy bugger – those are the things I’ve won at. And now it is the weekend and…I’m sucking at Saturday so … Continue reading

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