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Let’s Talk About Bottoms

“The higher a person climbs the more the world sees of their backside.” Is this a common quote? I’ve not heard it before and was amused to read it in a newspaper article today. Surprisingly the article was not about … Continue reading

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Well Do Ya?

December. Thank fuck for that. Not something I generally say as I’m a total Christmas humbug and I hate the winter because one day it will kill me with pneumonia or some such. No, I’m not paranoid about winter, that’s … Continue reading

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A Parsec Isn’t A Measurement Of Time

On Saturday I was full of self-congratulation at feeling no serious after-effects of the physio I did on Friday. That’ll learn me (an Americanism, grammarians, I know the English term). Sunday I began to realise I’d simply had a day’s … Continue reading

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I’m A Bird! I’m A Plane! I’m A Choo-Choo Train!

Being asleep, being awake, watching comforting televisual things (which almost always means Dr Who or Star Wars), eating gentle foods, wearing a favourite t shirt. This is how I am coping with Wednesday in a low-key bid to make it … Continue reading

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Luke, I Am Your Fourther

There are no Jedi, except that kid with the broom. And Ben Solo. And Rey. And Carrie Fisher’s never-fading ghost… …There are plenty of Jedi, the title of the most recent Star Wars film was misleading: deal with it. May … Continue reading

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Niceness And Stuff

This week has begun well. I’m tempering my hope that I’m finally beginning to feel more like my normal self after almost six months of subdued body, mind and weather because living with chronic illness is as likely to give … Continue reading

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Donuts – Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

In my dreams my lungs work. I ride bicycles, I run around, I leap tall buildings, I snap General Zod’s neck when it becomes clear he will never stop trying to murder humans…Wait, that last is some movie or other. … Continue reading

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