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Husky but I’m not a dog. The snotface of the weekend has dropped down into the throatsicles where it is less painful, far less disruptive, but much more likely to make me sound like I still smoke 1000 cigarettes a … Continue reading

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So I haven’t not been no so well over the weekend and that’s a lot of negatives for one sentence because that’s how it felt: really fucking negative. But I guess it’s relative and I don’t mean I have an … Continue reading

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Who’s Bill?

Sometimes words just aren’t. You know what I mean? Well of course you don’t because they aren’t. This is a specific time of them aren’t-ing and there’s not a damn thing I can [insert active verb] about it. Now and … Continue reading

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Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

When I was a teenager, Saturday morning in town was such an exciting time. Friends from different schools were around, girls were showing off their latest fashionable attire, shops were so busy it made shop-lifting ridiculously easy, pocket money jangled … Continue reading

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Wasn’t Me

I didn’t saw a film today. Oh well. Instead I woke up at five in the too early, said ‘fuck right off’ to the clock face, and went back for more sleep in an unconscious position. That’s my preferred sleeping … Continue reading

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Avengers Disassemble Johnny Five Or Something

I saw a film today. Oh boy! But no spoilers from me apart from telling you that Thanos kills the Winter King Of Skywalker but Spock comes from another film to save Private Ryan Gosling. I know, I thought to … Continue reading

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Three days of bed seems to have rendered me capable of moving about and coming into town. In fact, not ‘seems’, those three days have rendered me capable of the above because that’s what I’ve just done. I’m sceptical about … Continue reading

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