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Good Old Fashioned Christmas Films

Some films that always used to be shown over the Christmas period that still make me feel as though Christmas is happening to me like I’m a nine year old. Hans Christian Anderson: not even a Christmas film but full … Continue reading

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Carry On Follow That Camel

Oh hello, nice to see you here staring at my words on a screen. You evidently need to read a miserable post about how my health is messing with my life. What’s that? You were hoping this would be one … Continue reading

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Ich Bin Ein Sausage

“You want the moon on a stick, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” President Ray and Alan Kennedy said that and then he dropped the stick in Dallas and got run over by some bullets. A … Continue reading

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Sturm und Drang

Okay Thursday, here I am. Only I’ve given up on day names (see yesterday’s post. Or don’t, and save yourself a few minutes a word noodle.) so that would read: okay Today, here I am.  Today is more done that … Continue reading

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Double O Fuck

I am wearing a t-shirt which bears the word ‘grumpy’. It might be too mild a warning for anyone who encounters me today; a more fitting slogan might be: ‘I’m likely to light you on fire if you so much … Continue reading

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A New Dope

I done a haircut. Technically I done got someone else to done a haircut on me. Haircuts are weird: you get to stare at your own face for far too long while a stranger removes pieces of you. Painless hair … Continue reading

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Spiderpig: Far From Ham

Adventures in imitating normal human life, part whatever. Long ago, in a galaxy exactly the same as this one because it is this one, (well, not exactly the same because every atom is different from one moment to the next … Continue reading

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