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The Perfect Blendship

Without the kindness and support of friends, in person and across the interwebs, I’m not convinced I’d have made it this far into 2018. Between my physical and my emotional health I have been smashed to pieces and come close … Continue reading

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There’s A City In My Mind

Hearts weigh a similar amount, on the whole. Yet we talk of heavy hearts and right now mine is dragging me down into the slough of despond because it currently registers several tons on the heart scales. I am not … Continue reading

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I went up to the hospital twice today. Once for my morning appointment with the respiratory specialist and the second time to check in my friend who was having some tests in the afternoon. It will come as no surprise … Continue reading

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Luke 22:19

It seems obvious to say that hospital is a place where you get a lot of time to think yet any time I’ve had to stay under the care of the NHS it does strike me that I am alone … Continue reading

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Cakey Cakey Cakey

Home is where the cake is. Cake can also be found in cake shops. And supermarkets. And my belly. Get in my belly. Two weeks after leaving for a two day excursion to Sussex, one week after being admitted to … Continue reading

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That Only Leaves One More Person For Me To Introduce

Blah. Blog. Blah blah. Blog blog. Health stuff. Blah blah blah. Blog blog blog. Wild anxiety. Blah blog blah blog blah. Holy titknockers 2018 is pulling me apart. I can’t recall the last time I felt like I could just … Continue reading

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Ik Den Holi Gralen

More sunshine, less anxiety. Such is Monday so far. I prefer it to Sunday when anxiety became the all and everything of the day quite swiftly. Today I can at least square up to anxiety and say “Fuck yourself in … Continue reading

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