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Cave Of Shadows

Eight days on from the news of my father’s death I find myself in uncharted waters. As I grapple with the need to forgive a ghost and lay some of my own ghosts to rest I am barely held together … Continue reading

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Oh Bloody Hell

Oh dear. Wednesday began with a big old nosebleed. Amazing how much blood a nose keeps inside itself. What does it need all that blood for? Apart from to make dark, crusty bogeys in winter, of course. I’ve probably got … Continue reading

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How To Shoot A Breeze

I have humaned. I spent time being human today, in the fine, fine company of Adam (king of kings), and I succeeded at the humaning for several consecutive hours. Bright shiny sky weather invited us to eat foodstuffs down by … Continue reading

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The Sleep Of Unreason

Much sleep is a good thing. Bad dreams are not so helpful. I don’t have nightmares, as such (only had about five genuine nightmares since I was a child) but I can have dreams that disturb or disorientate me when … Continue reading

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This Is This

The city streets were busy today, so much so that I couldn’t last more than an hour in the centre before having to head home and sit in silence. As well as overwhelmed, I felt lonely in the crowd. And … Continue reading

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Super Sunday

And on the seventh day… …I’m but mortal so have not rested. I’ve been up since the splintering crack of, oh I don’t know, let’s say ten o’clock, and have already had three house guests with another due later. The … Continue reading

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Here Be Monsters

Those who care about you and want to know you when you are going through your worst times are wonderful people indeed. In some ways all I’ve ever wanted from life is to be accepted for who I am at … Continue reading

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