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Do The Barthes, Man

Observation: the UK and the USA are currently governed by figures who clearly don’t give a flying fuck about the lives of the citizens they are meant to represent yet the majority of those citizens seem content to lie back … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Beautiful And Unique Snowflake

A week ago I was arriving in London for my mini adventures in friendship and photography. Physically I’m still recovering from the exertion, emotionally I’m still trying to make sense of the complexity of reactions my time in the capital … Continue reading

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Black-Eyed Dog

When I was young, teenager young rather than infant, I was vehemently opposed to anybody attempting to limit the possibilities of my life. Anything I wanted to be, I could be. Any goal I set for myself, I could reach … Continue reading

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Winters Tales

Yes, I’m still crapping on about snow. Only today I’m going to delve into nostalgia and consider times of snow past. Because memories are warmer than the current temperatures even if they weren’t at the time. If you see what … Continue reading

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Won’t Fight Them On The Beaches

And so I’ve limped to the end of another week, filled with fright, terrorised by my body and mind, raging with insomnia, awash with self loathing. It’s not all fun, however, yesterday afternoon I dreamt I was a dickwad. And … Continue reading

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My first course of intravenous antibiotics was in the Spring of 2011. At the time it was considered an emergency measure as for some months I’d not responded well to my more normal respiratory medications. There have been three subsequent … Continue reading

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Post: Traumatic

Feeling vulnerable is human but when it triggers dysfunction it can destroy one’s life. In recent years there has been some debate between therapists and myself as to whether the contemporary effect on my emotional wellbeing of frightening experiences during … Continue reading

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