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Yellow Lorry Slow

Soonish, or perhaps just gone by, it will be the fiftieth anniversary of a giant leap for humankind – when Liverpudlians walked on the zebra crossing closest to EMI’s Abbey Road studios. They came in peace for all mankind. Because … Continue reading

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Ich Bin Ein Sausage

“You want the moon on a stick, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” President Ray and Alan Kennedy said that and then he dropped the stick in Dallas and got run over by some bullets. A … Continue reading

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Loony Toons

Fifty years ago on this very day, Stretch Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear took time out from being children’s toys to walk on the ladder of their Lunar Landing Module. And then walk on the Lunar. Joan Collins was still up … Continue reading

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Sturm und Drang

Okay Thursday, here I am. Only I’ve given up on day names (see yesterday’s post. Or don’t, and save yourself a few minutes a word noodle.) so that would read: okay Today, here I am.  Today is more done that … Continue reading

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Not Much Call For It?

The cheese wheel of time is best understood with crackers. I’m sorry, I mean it is best understood if you ARE crackers. Fruit loop. Bonkers. Cray, and indeed, cray. Only yesterday I was trying to get used to it being … Continue reading

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Check One Two, One, One Two

Looking back at my journal and some blog posts from last year I see it is roughly twelve months since I hit rock bottom and felt old, familiar, self-destructive inclinations rise to the surface after some calmer years. There were … Continue reading

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A New Dope

I done a haircut. Technically I done got someone else to done a haircut on me. Haircuts are weird: you get to stare at your own face for far too long while a stranger removes pieces of you. Painless hair … Continue reading

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