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Encore Une Fois

Je suis fatigué. Which is French for ‘slightly misspelt, tired Jesus’. No, not Jesus: me. I’m the fatigued one. Because, you know, buying groceries is exhausting and requires an entire day of recovery. If you’re rubbish. Which I am. Pizza … Continue reading

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Bed Piece

Something I was unaware of until yesterday is that the atrium of capitalism which sits at the front of Paddington Station and which I have always previously avoided offers coffee drinking facilities and quite a lot of armchairs in which … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think Boromir Knows About Second Brexits

Monday morning in the capital of this is England. My hotel room was hot and I did not sleep too well but I didn’t die either so I’m taking this as a positive and hoping London doesn’t hate me quite … Continue reading

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Not Much Call For It?

The cheese wheel of time is best understood with crackers. I’m sorry, I mean it is best understood if you ARE crackers. Fruit loop. Bonkers. Cray, and indeed, cray. Only yesterday I was trying to get used to it being … Continue reading

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Spiderpig: Far From Ham

Adventures in imitating normal human life, part whatever. Long ago, in a galaxy exactly the same as this one because it is this one, (well, not exactly the same because every atom is different from one moment to the next … Continue reading

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I Was Just In The Middle of A Dream

Garfield. The Boomtown Rats. The Bangles. T-Bone Walker. New Order.  If you require documented proof that Mondays need to be made illegal then look no further than my far-from-exhaustive list of musical luminaries – and a cartoon cat – for … Continue reading

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It’s A Radiation Vibe I’m Grooving On

Sunburn. It’s not fun. Nor is sun stroke, which is where you get sunburn from reaching up to pet the sun, forgetting that it’s not a tame star and will bite you to pieces with explodey radiation vibes. It’s been … Continue reading

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