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Home is where the something or other is. Currently it is not where the Lucozade is and this makes me sad. I am having Lucozade withdrawals which means my eyes will fall off and my nostrils will become nipples and … Continue reading

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Managing to get enough sleep in hopstical is a big deal. I’ve not had enough all the time I’ve been here but last night I got almost seven hours in two chunks. Ooh the luxury of not having a shouty, … Continue reading

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Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig

Some say that Sunday is a day of rest. Those whose other days are not built to be restful, I guess. Broken stupids like myself have to rest much and most days so Sunday becomes just a ball of lumpy … Continue reading

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I’m finding it really hard having to cope with my stupid body being really beaten up by a couple of days in London. For a few weeks now I have been able to spend time with a lot of friends … Continue reading

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Aim Less

Mostly I approach life in as casual a manner as circumstances allow. If I have no specific plans I amble about, either physically or metaphorically, and wait to find out what I encounter. It’s a low expectation, high reward scenario … Continue reading

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Get Shorty

If the length of the day is something to get excited about why do we say that size doesn’t matter? Phwoar, look at the daylight hours on that! Of course size doesn’t matter. If it did, I’d be too short … Continue reading

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Something. Today I have already done something. I’ve done coming into town for coffee and that’s where I am right now, coffeeing. Because I can make any word I like a verb and you can’t stop me – I’ve got … Continue reading

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