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Spare Rib

While my ribs were all messed up I did realise I was being far more solitary than is usual for me but it was tough to find the energy to rise above the pain and despondency and do much about … Continue reading

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Isn’t Science Really Brilliant, Eh?

So many back episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage on the BBC Sounds app. So much apathy for actual existence in my soul. Put these two facts together and it’s no wonder I spend my days listening to Robin Ince … Continue reading

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Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig

Some say that Sunday is a day of rest. Those whose other days are not built to be restful, I guess. Broken stupids like myself have to rest much and most days so Sunday becomes just a ball of lumpy … Continue reading

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Another London morning, another cafe, another coffee, another pastry. But all with added rain. Scuppers a vague idea of seeing if I could persuade my body to have a bit of a look at Hyde Park today. Instead, having checked … Continue reading

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Sturm und Drang

Okay Thursday, here I am. Only I’ve given up on day names (see yesterday’s post. Or don’t, and save yourself a few minutes a word noodle.) so that would read: okay Today, here I am.  Today is more done that … Continue reading

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It’s A Radiation Vibe I’m Grooving On

Sunburn. It’s not fun. Nor is sun stroke, which is where you get sunburn from reaching up to pet the sun, forgetting that it’s not a tame star and will bite you to pieces with explodey radiation vibes. It’s been … Continue reading

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It’s been a busy week for an old crippled person such as myself. Getting myself sunburnt yesterday wasn’t big or clever although it was nice to sit out in the sun for hours talking about stuff, and more stuff, and … Continue reading

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