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Ward Words

Monday is the working week startup day. For those of us in hospital Monday is the day that’s just like the other days only the lunch menu is a bit better than it was yesterday. I feel rougher and in … Continue reading

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And Dumberer

Oh. Today’s lesson in being a human with health stuff seems to be listen more closely to the messages your body sends. When I woke my body was quietly but quite persistently telling me I’ve done a shit load of … Continue reading

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The Contemplation Of Spring

Joy and sorrow sit side by side on me like fat-arsed twins sharing the saddle of a Raleigh Chopper. A few consecutive days of sunshine have possibly banished the long, laborious winter once and for all but will perhaps never … Continue reading

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Hip Hip Hip Hooray

Sunshine happened today. As a matter of fact it has happened on a few days this week but I’ve been too dragged down by mini-flare-up and faceache to enter the outside world at the same time as the sun happening. … Continue reading

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In The Bleak

Being busy on a cold, cold day is a mixed blessing. Activity can warm the blood and bones but having to drag myself between various activities while my car is still non functional means exposing myself to the cold, cold. … Continue reading

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The Hardest Thing In This World Is To Live In It

First jet lag and then days and days of what I hope is just a terrible cold and not yet another flare up have thrown sleep patterns into chaos and dampened my mental faculties. As it is I still can … Continue reading

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From The Redwood Forest…

We avoided the ugly excesses of Black Friday yesterday and indulged in Back To Nature Saturday today by heading for Big Sur. And it is quite big, in case you wondered. Very tricky to find the spot where Kerouac took … Continue reading

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