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From The Redwood Forest…

We avoided the ugly excesses of Black Friday yesterday and indulged in Back To Nature Saturday today by heading for Big Sur. And it is quite big, in case you wondered. Very tricky to find the spot where Kerouac took … Continue reading

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Outside It’s America*

If you sing that Bambi song about the drippy droppy April showers to the tune of ‘Summertime’ it’s ironic. And an accurate description of August in the UK. Europe has been basking in a heatwave so overwhelming that fears for … Continue reading

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The City Sun Sets Over Me

Ah that’s better. I loathed the people of the outside world place far less today than I did yesterday. I seem to have avoided most of the DICKS is why. Instead I encountered goodly folk and sunshiny weather. As in, … Continue reading

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If You’re Not Irish, That Isn’t Your Fault

I shall be returning to Dublin one day. A couple of days is simply not long enough to fully soak up the atmosphere or to see even the tiniest portion of what the city has to offer. That said, I … Continue reading

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This Efficacious Spirit

Ever get the feeling that a big wave of change is coming your way but you haven’t got a clue what the change will be or where it will lead? I don’t mean because of world events, that happens to … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part 12: Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

You’ve worked out by now that the posts marked ‘travelogue’ are me recounting some of my adventures here in Americaland while those with ‘vacation scribblings’ are more obtuse, thinky pieces made out of connotation more than denotation. Or if you … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part 10: S’Tuesday

And now it is Tuesday. I know this because my tuesometer is ring-a-dinging like crazy. And it’s a day. I can always sense days. It’s a built in sense I possess, sort of a superpower. I can also ignore tall … Continue reading

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