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Eight-Size Foward

To sleep beneath contrarian skies, blind to the celestial ride for just a little while. It was not meant to enlighten but the sun broke through and the civil war of grey on blue is over. For now. One stumble-scuffed … Continue reading

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Time is the loose-leaf, spindly-limbed accompaniment to wanting to be here and now. It gets in the way. It insists comparisons on everything, throws the words ‘if’ and ‘only’ into the sky, torn at the edges but heavier than hate. … Continue reading

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The Mind Goes Walking

I can’t and I shouldn’t and I won’t, Self-defeat all ring-a-ding don’t. Pause for breathing, Ten steps further, Leaning hard on who I used to be: Just dirt and bonemeal burning at the ends. And when my thighs and ankles … Continue reading

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Tings An Times

Brixton Road stretches on forever, the jumble of new structures and sturdy Regency buildings scattered along it in much the way I remember from days so long ago they sometimes seem like another person’s memories. It’s definitely busy, just as … Continue reading

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Said Alice

And down and down the shithole rabbit hole, oh my ears and bitched-up whiskers, falling like a forest when there’s only trees to see. Depress the button marked ‘depress me’, miserly misery, a sea of foam and filth all rushing … Continue reading

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The Weariness, The Fever And The Fret

The upside of powerful painkillers is pretty obvious – they’re quite well suited to killing pain powerfully for a while which can be a blessing when every day has pain and pain and pain. The downside of powerful painkillers can … Continue reading

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A Hunger Artist

Carry on coughing. All the way the the coffin. Alternate that with sleep which ends whenever sweating becomes too uncomfortable or the dreams of Doctor Who stuff (which I love) are interrupted by anxiety shit about losing my car or … Continue reading

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