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Beware the ides of March. In a month’s time. Meantime, don’t beware of nothing. Or do. Up to you really. Personally ima beware of bitey dogs eyeing up my gonads, Russia, eating urinal cake and anything stabby. A comprehensive list, … Continue reading

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You Can Call Me Al Capone

Hello Thursday, will you be friends and pals with me and not ask me to spend all the day being sick? You will? Then I like you and won’t throw gravel at your shins. Oh, and will you encourage me … Continue reading

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Hello Helio Hello

I managed to spend some time out under a real sky today. Not hours and hours because it was freakishly windy and pretty cold in spite of shiny sunface beaming down from up above. In fact most of the time … Continue reading

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Do Not Feed The Animals?

In naturally evolving ecosystems the underlying purpose of an individual animal’s existence is to survive long enough to produce and hopefully nurture young in order to ensure the continuation of their species.  In human, capitalist societies the apparent purpose of … Continue reading

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How Cold My Toes, Tiddly-Pom

I’m told that if you venture outside into the Exeter lands today, you will notice snow happening to you. I’m told this but I cannot confirm it because I’m made of bed and asleep. I’m not even awake as I … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Other

In case nobody was paying attention in 2016 let me recap the political situation in the United Kingdom and America right now: childish-tantrum, know-nothing, fuck-witted bastards are in charge and they are leading both countries down dangerous, divisive paths of … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Bottoms

“The higher a person climbs the more the world sees of their backside.” Is this a common quote? I’ve not heard it before and was amused to read it in a newspaper article today. Surprisingly the article was not about … Continue reading

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