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Double O Fuck

I am wearing a t-shirt which bears the word ‘grumpy’. It might be too mild a warning for anyone who encounters me today; a more fitting slogan might be: ‘I’m likely to light you on fire if you so much … Continue reading

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I Was Just In The Middle of A Dream

Garfield. The Boomtown Rats. The Bangles. T-Bone Walker. New Order.  If you require documented proof that Mondays need to be made illegal then look no further than my far-from-exhaustive list of musical luminaries – and a cartoon cat – for … Continue reading

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It’s A Radiation Vibe I’m Grooving On

Sunburn. It’s not fun. Nor is sun stroke, which is where you get sunburn from reaching up to pet the sun, forgetting that it’s not a tame star and will bite you to pieces with explodey radiation vibes. It’s been … Continue reading

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Presto. Not Preston.

Hey presto! Thursday is here. Not that it’s a long awaited day. Well, for United Statesians it probably is because they stopped being dependent on this day in history and made the Englishers fuck off home. But I am an … Continue reading

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Second Monday

Second Monday, or Tuesday, as the humans call it. I’ve attached myself to a bicycle pump and inflated my face to the correct pressure to cope with coming into town to do ‘stuff’. You know ‘stuff’, it’s that indeterminate jumble … Continue reading

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I like eating and I like to eat. Yes, I know I look like I exist on little wisps of air and cake crumbs because I’m barely visible if I turn sideways but, you know, Crohn’s is a wanker. By … Continue reading

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Something. Today I have already done something. I’ve done coming into town for coffee and that’s where I am right now, coffeeing. Because I can make any word I like a verb and you can’t stop me – I’ve got … Continue reading

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