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What A Banker

Fire your starting pistols into the air for today is Blank Holiday. Actually, scrap that, give your starting pistols the day off for today is Blank Holiday. Don’t begin any races or rob any inconveniently closed building societies. It’s the … Continue reading

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Wasn’t Me

I didn’t saw a film today. Oh well. Instead I woke up at five in the too early, said ‘fuck right off’ to the clock face, and went back for more sleep in an unconscious position. That’s my preferred sleeping … Continue reading

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The Life Grammatic*

Something glaringly obvious about me has demanded I recognise it properly again – the process of writing is extraordinarily important to me when it comes to understanding who I am and what sort of relationship I have with my world.  … Continue reading

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Principia Advertia

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” I have little doubt that somewhere in the world over the past thirty years or so, some advertising executive with just a little … Continue reading

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Hello Helio Hello

I managed to spend some time out under a real sky today. Not hours and hours because it was freakishly windy and pretty cold in spite of shiny sunface beaming down from up above. In fact most of the time … Continue reading

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Pea Souper

If air were soup it would be a thick, gloopy one. It would taste quite tangy on the tongue but would be tricky to wade through. Better to sit down on a crouton and  breathe in some lunch. Air is … Continue reading

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Do Not Feed The Animals?

In naturally evolving ecosystems the underlying purpose of an individual animal’s existence is to survive long enough to produce and hopefully nurture young in order to ensure the continuation of their species.  In human, capitalist societies the apparent purpose of … Continue reading

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