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He Cites References, He Scores!

Modern Humanities Research Association. MHRA, if you want to refer to them without taking up so many syllables. It’s been a long time since I checked their style guide but spent maybe an hour this morning reading through some of … Continue reading

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Like A South-Bound Freight Train

One of the books I looked through as part of my research for last week’s conference was a biography of Karl Marx subtitled ‘Man and Fighter’. Now I am unable to get the image of Marx as a boxer to … Continue reading

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That Football They Have Now

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Unless you also saw the football men of Liverpool footballing team overcome a 3-0 first leg deficit last night when they did score four goals and didn’t let the Barcelona football men score … Continue reading

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Hitting Balls With Sticks

It’s clear I made the right decision to stay home and not drive to Dorchester yesterday as I’ve spent most of the time since being all tired and sleepy and snoozy and not awakey. Also being ouchy. It brings me … Continue reading

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A Meaty Issue

I have an issue with ‘veganuary’, the latest drive to capitalise (emphasis on the Capitalism) on the potential of people’s New Years resolutions to effect lifestyle changes. Veganism isn’t the problem. Some of my best friends are…well one or two … Continue reading

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Seasonal Adjustment Disorder

Ah the unmistakable markers of the British seasons. The first cuckoo of spring, the first swallow of summer, the falling of the leaves in autumn. And the sacking of Jose Mourinho just ahead of Christmas by whichever club he’s been … Continue reading

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BBC television’s annual appeal to raise money to implant a personality into one lucky sportsperson has gone as well as it always does. Which is to say that speeches have been cut off before they were concluded, footage of people … Continue reading

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