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Don’t Look Back In Wankery

Sometimes you go back to a place you haven’t been in a while and there is either the wonder of new discoveries about a once familiar place or the comforting, nostalgic embrace of a location unchanged. Sometimes the new discoveries … Continue reading

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What A Total Bastille

It’s Bastille day, everyone, the day when Punxsutawney Bastille is shown the shadow of a guillotine and shits himself until autumn. Love those old traditions, especially the ones that aren’t even true. It’s also the day we remember the chart … Continue reading

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The Universe And Everything

I haven’t really humaned today. I went outside, felt some nice warm on my face but did not interact with people. They smell funny and have unusual hobbies. They’re also really annoying in supermarkets, blithering about like there is nobody … Continue reading

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You Gotta Bag It Up

Do bunnies experience happiness and its opposite? Are they sentient to the point of complex emotional responses or do they just bimble about fucking each other and eating vegetation out of instinct? I’m not a happy bunny today, even if … Continue reading

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They’re Packed Pretty Tight In Here Tonight

Succeeding at Saturday is going grocery shopping and not murdering anybody. Not even a tiny bit. My Saturday is therefore a success and I have earned the right to laze about tinkering with musics and watching science fiction for the … Continue reading

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Marching Up And Down Again

Me feets, me feets. They hurt. And so do my calf muscles. And my lamb muscles. I done a walk today, just around the neighbourhood, to try to stop my legs seizing up after the hilly climbing yesterday. Stupid idea. … Continue reading

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What to do when your morning therapy session leaves you surrounded by the tattered pieces of your fragile sense of self worth? Go back to bed. Mutter. Snooze. Get up. Mutter. Drive to a nearby beach. Listen to the sound … Continue reading

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