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Knowing How Way Leads On To Way

Today I am tired and I am feeling quite low. I hope when you read that words that you don’t think “Oh dear, another whinging blog post from some middle aged tit who needs to check his privilege.” It’s possible … Continue reading

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This Efficacious Spirit

Ever get the feeling that a big wave of change is coming your way but you haven’t got a clue what the change will be or where it will lead? I don’t mean because of world events, that happens to … Continue reading

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I Mean Really, Really

City silence never is. Out there on frosted streets feet still write morse code essays on pavements at all hours. When rush hour has come and gone the hum of engines might diminish but hangs in the shadows at the … Continue reading

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Show Me The Way

Whose tears are these and why do they swim across my eyes, slowly waterboarding me from the inside? Falling down the rabbit hole is not the problem, crawling back up again caked in dirt and bedraggled dreams hurts like a … Continue reading

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Falls Me Once…

The haze of an unexpectedly warm day in late winter shimmers from the surface of the road ahead. The sun itself flickers from glass-eyed waters until both sun and lake are hidden by rising hills adorned with thickening forest. Movement … Continue reading

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Snoozin’ Snoozin’ Snoozin’

Lying down with your eyes closed, not being conscious to the world around you, under the soft embrace of a loving duvet, not even drooling on the pillow but just breathing in and out regularly with no leakage: like a … Continue reading

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Final Batch of Vacation Scribblings

Speak softly, wait patiently for love, seek and finders keepers. There is so much left to learn, so much more to see. Nineteen years ago, in a deep dark hole all of my own making, I wanted life to stop. … Continue reading

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