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The World Is My Oyster Card

Looks like it’s a year tomorrow since my American adventure began. In some cases people follow up that sort of statement with “Hasn’t the time flown?” or similar inanities but the past year has been delightfully bounteous when it comes … Continue reading

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You Know, On The Bus…

Despite walky, countrysidey, busy doing stuff much of the afternoon yesterday my stupid body still decided not to let me sleep until dawn chorus and beyond. Way beyond, actually. Stupid body. Or brain. Or both. I blame Brexit. I’m irritable … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part 6: Eatin’, Talkin’, Sleepin’, Thinkin’.

I’ve been here a week now and I feel like I’ve done a whole lot of things in that time. Most of it, in truth, has been hanging with beloved people, eating good foods and talking but that’s the kind … Continue reading

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Adventure begins tomorrow. An amuse bouche sort of adventure which will involve getting a coach to Heathrow, boarding a shuttle to my hotel, checking in, hopefully having a bite to eat with my dear friend Adam, and sleeping before getting … Continue reading

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