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As You Were

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. My car did not start again this morning so either I need to jump it and drive, drive, drive to properly get juice in the battery or I need a new battery. … Continue reading

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Written In The Sky

(Words put together about four hours out from San Francisco yesterday afternoon) I must admit I never imagined I’d become comfortable enough with being on aeroplanes to reach a level of irritation with my fellow passengers that cannot simply be … Continue reading

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Dream Variations

Sleep engulfs me, a cloak of shroudy dumb-ass numbness topped off with a suggestion of sinusitis increasing the sense that wakefulness is somewhat unappetising. This is a radio day, a coffee going cold on the bedside cabinet day, a never … Continue reading

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Ten Cents’ Worth For My Thoughts?

And all the world is biscuit shaped… Unless it’s a Bourbon or a custard cream. What a strange shape that would be for the world. Oblong. Even the word sounds misshapen, like its maternal words were injected with something mutational … Continue reading

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