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You Can Call Me Al Capone

Hello Thursday, will you be friends and pals with me and not ask me to spend all the day being sick? You will? Then I like you and won’t throw gravel at your shins. Oh, and will you encourage me … Continue reading

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Oh what a curious thing to have a face with eyes that leak when you’re not sad. Except the leaking makes me sad though it’s not even tears. Or irregular tears. It’s leakage. I was going to use the word … Continue reading

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Lazarus Taxon

Sunday afternoon. Lazy like a sloth on traffic duty sort of sun pokes out between colder, cloudy interludes. I have risen from my bed, Lazarus on acid, surprised and seduced by rays on my skin and the smell of wild … Continue reading

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Happy Eater

Good Friday, Inbetweeny Saturday, Easter Sunday, Dystopian Monday – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Aside from A Week Last Thursday, which is always amazing unless you were having your spleen removed a week last Thursday. To be … Continue reading

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That Phoney King Of England

By law it ought to be Spring now. By. Law. Clocks went forward over the weekend signifying the terms and conditions signed by King John at the Magnum Cartridge, or something, must be ratified and spring weather should now be … Continue reading

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Tragicomic Timing

In order to delve into how health anxiety affects my days, the better to consider ways of lessening the impact through therapy, I have to focus on how my anxieties crop up concerning my body. Which makes me anxious. Ahead … Continue reading

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Wii Unfit

I’m officially somewhat dead. A six year old told me so. Plus physical today has pretty much destroyed me. Stupid WiiFit programmes at the gym making me look ridiculous as well as killing me. For the remainder of today I … Continue reading

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