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That Was The Year That Was [Well 49 Weeks Of It Anyway]

Three weeks until 2019 shakes me warmly by the hand and, I very much hope, promises to treat me way better than 2018 has treated me. Most of this year I’ve been drowning, not waving, and it’s not easy to … Continue reading

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Is This Your Bag, Sir?

The visit of a friend this afternoon prevented my entire day being full of fear and pain. For the time they were here I was able to lift out of the concerns I’ve been having since yesterday that I’m in … Continue reading

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The Long Road

I live a life beset by physical health complications which understandably have an impact on my mental health. On the whole this plays out as anxiety due to there being such a fine line between keeping an eye on physical … Continue reading

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Black-Eyed Dog

When I was young, teenager young rather than infant, I was vehemently opposed to anybody attempting to limit the possibilities of my life. Anything I wanted to be, I could be. Any goal I set for myself, I could reach … Continue reading

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Brecht Your Bottom Dollar

Eleven pages. That’s how long my letter of dispute to the Department of Wank and Pensions stretches. Eleven pages intended to show them that their assessment process utterly failed to truly produce an accurate representation of the struggles I suffer … Continue reading

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Mental Health For Dummies

Modern society likes to imagine it is civilised and enlightened yet attitudes towards mental health remain largely in the Dark Ages. Despite many first world countries seeing twenty, even twenty-five percent of their population requiring some kind of mental health … Continue reading

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Crumbs of Discomfort

For a few hours yesterday I felt like there was a little light shining into this darkness I’ve known for a month and more. Nothing specific had happened which actually made me more hopeful that it was a sign of … Continue reading

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