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Hello there, ominously bleak-looking, apparitional dog, I’m Steve. Hi, I’m your depression. Oh, I’m depressed again, eh? Still, it’s nice that you’re a dog. I like animals. Why wouldn’t you be depressed? You’re a week and a half into treatment … Continue reading

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That Cuprinol Man Can Sod Off

Has anybody mislaid a truck load of depression and pissed offness? There’s a lot of it in my flat right now and I’m sure it’s been stolen and dumped here by miscreant mood fences. That’s fences in the sense of … Continue reading

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Check One Two, One, One Two

Looking back at my journal and some blog posts from last year I see it is roughly twelve months since I hit rock bottom and felt old, familiar, self-destructive inclinations rise to the surface after some calmer years. There were … Continue reading

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Admission To Mars

Nearly at the half way stage of the year and it’s been bumping along sort of ok compared to the last one. Yet stability, contentment and hope are fragile creatures, and it seems it only required a three quarters of … Continue reading

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Kevin Turvey, Give Us Your Legs

A great way to consolidate feelings of agitation and sadness is to bag yourself a crazy night of insomnia and the ensuing frustration it brings come sunrise. Oh good, I can tick those off my check list. Anything else to … Continue reading

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Age Of Disenlightenment

Shaving, it’s a face thing. People shave other places too but I stick to the face apart from that one time with the leg waxing. Ouch. I’m lazy, however, and tend to reduce my facial hair with a trimmer rather … Continue reading

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The Laddie Reckons Himself A Poet

A weekend of sleep is a sleepend of week. And all of a sudden it is Monday and I’ve got the words ‘Captain Marvel’ careering around my brain but to the tune of the old ‘Captain Birdseye’ jingle. As if … Continue reading

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