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Age Of Disenlightenment

Shaving, it’s a face thing. People shave other places too but I stick to the face apart from that one time with the leg waxing. Ouch. I’m lazy, however, and tend to reduce my facial hair with a trimmer rather … Continue reading

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The Laddie Reckons Himself A Poet

A weekend of sleep is a sleepend of week. And all of a sudden it is Monday and I’ve got the words ‘Captain Marvel’ careering around my brain but to the tune of the old ‘Captain Birdseye’ jingle. As if … Continue reading

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When The Moon Hits The Sky

Last time I looked there was a fresh Wednesday sitting on the window ledge, toasty warm from the oven, a delicious waft of steam rising on the dawn air. My attention was distracted for just a few moments by being … Continue reading

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I Have Much Ado To Know Myself

The year is into its fourth week and continues to be reasonably nice to me, like a kindly relative giving a poorly child ice cream to keep him quiet. Last week’s blip of depression was just that, a blip, and … Continue reading

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That Was The Year That Was [Well 49 Weeks Of It Anyway]

Three weeks until 2019 shakes me warmly by the hand and, I very much hope, promises to treat me way better than 2018 has treated me. Most of this year I’ve been drowning, not waving, and it’s not easy to … Continue reading

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Is This Your Bag, Sir?

The visit of a friend this afternoon prevented my entire day being full of fear and pain. For the time they were here I was able to lift out of the concerns I’ve been having since yesterday that I’m in … Continue reading

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The Long Road

I live a life beset by physical health complications which understandably have an impact on my mental health. On the whole this plays out as anxiety due to there being such a fine line between keeping an eye on physical … Continue reading

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