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A Kind of Hush

It’s been slightly quieter here than it usually is. In this blog place, I mean, not my life. Although my life is necessarily quiet because of continued respiratory flare-up. A month of two different antibiotics hasn’t improved things very much … Continue reading

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My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

Friday’s appointment with my doctor was mildly concerning. Three weeks of antibiotics and my oxygen levels are still low plus I’m still coughing and struggling to get breath. Another week of the second antibiotic is step one on dealing with … Continue reading

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Doctor And The Medics

Another day, another national health service waiting room. I’m very early, on purpose, for my appointment with my GP. I say ‘my’ GP but since last year when the doctor I’d been registered with moved to a different surgery I … Continue reading

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Away Days

Last Saturday’s gig was a rare moment of raising myself above the turgid surface of my drowning depression. Tomorrow I’m challenging myself to do rise again as I hope to spend a couple of days away on a mini-holiday.  In … Continue reading

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Early To Rise, Early To Bed

When you wake up stupid early and hang on the phone line for about half an hour it is possible to get yourself a same day appointment at your doctor’s surgery. Yay! And more yay, my breathing isn’t too terrible … Continue reading

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