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Lock, Stock and Twelve Smoking Thursdays

This is the twelfth Thursday of lockdown. Count them. You can use your toes if necessary. Sure, I’ll wait… …see, twelve of the buggers. How in hell have I crawled through so many weeks in isolation? By inventing a completely … Continue reading

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Long ago, when the world was a fraction less ancient than it is today, when I was far less ancient than I am today, I had no issue with staying awake till the sun rose, sleeping from mid-morning to late … Continue reading

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Just Say Meh

I did an outside today. Did you see me? I was the one looking really out of breath and muttering about not wanting to do an outside. But I had to do an outside to pick up some meds. I … Continue reading

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That’s Not Number Wang

I did all up asleeping for the Friday you’ve been having because I’m an allergic to your nonsense. Now it’s dark I can creep about in the unlit places and you can’t see me cos you go night blind with … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Beautiful And Unique Snowflake

A week ago I was arriving in London for my mini adventures in friendship and photography. Physically I’m still recovering from the exertion, emotionally I’m still trying to make sense of the complexity of reactions my time in the capital … Continue reading

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Shivered Like A Child

A small calculation this morning led me to realise that I’ve been more than usually unwell for me for over two months. In fact, if I recognise that I was already ill when I was in California but propped up … Continue reading

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Another Hospital, Another Life

The first time I had to stay in hospital came when I was a very small child and I have no memories of the experience. I think I had blood poisoning but have no idea how long I was kept … Continue reading

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Adventures In Bedland

The taste of Sunday is a sugar-rush carb-fest orgy rolling about and panting on the tongue. My taste buds feel degraded yet perversely contented; my urgent need for caffeine is being drip-fed into my face to wash away any regret. … Continue reading

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Good Days and Bad Days

You might imagine that the worst thing about having a respiratory condition would be the difficulty with breathing. Breathing is, after all, something rather important in the grand scheme of continuing to exist. Well yes, breathing difficulties are bloody awful … Continue reading

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If I Was My Bedsprings

Hello and welcome to tired. Tired plus, in fact. Super tired. Busy and fulfilling weekend but oh so exhausting tired. Lots of driving tired. Singing tired. Insomnia tired. You get the picture. Monday is me and a bed and sleep … Continue reading

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