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A Minority Of One?

I never expected to see a return of far-right ideologies in my lifetime. My cosy, libertarian, leftist world view did not mean I formerly imagined the world was without troubling political and social narratives but an apparent graduation towards greater … Continue reading

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Beware the ides of March. In a month’s time. Meantime, don’t beware of nothing. Or do. Up to you really. Personally ima beware of bitey dogs eyeing up my gonads, Russia, eating urinal cake and anything stabby. A comprehensive list, … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Bottoms

“The higher a person climbs the more the world sees of their backside.” Is this a common quote? I’ve not heard it before and was amused to read it in a newspaper article today. Surprisingly the article was not about … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Beautiful And Unique Snowflake

A week ago I was arriving in London for my mini adventures in friendship and photography. Physically I’m still recovering from the exertion, emotionally I’m still trying to make sense of the complexity of reactions my time in the capital … Continue reading

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I’m The All-Singing, All-Dancing Crap Of The World

I’ve had my face off and am now temporarily wearing Nicholas Cage’s teeth. Or something more dental and less Nic. Temporary is still the right word though as I am able to open my mouth with slightly more confidence but … Continue reading

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