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Belly Jabies

Shopping. Didn’t the Pet Shop Boys write a song called that? And then shove gerbils up their bums? Didn’t The Style Council have a favourite shop? And no gerbils up their bums? I went shopping earlier. No rodents involved. Shopping … Continue reading

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My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

Friday’s appointment with my doctor was mildly concerning. Three weeks of antibiotics and my oxygen levels are still low plus I’m still coughing and struggling to get breath. Another week of the second antibiotic is step one on dealing with … Continue reading

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Encore Une Fois

Je suis fatigué. Which is French for ‘slightly misspelt, tired Jesus’. No, not Jesus: me. I’m the fatigued one. Because, you know, buying groceries is exhausting and requires an entire day of recovery. If you’re rubbish. Which I am. Pizza … Continue reading

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Another London morning, another cafe, another coffee, another pastry. But all with added rain. Scuppers a vague idea of seeing if I could persuade my body to have a bit of a look at Hyde Park today. Instead, having checked … Continue reading

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I am made of London right now. Yes, this instant. And this one. And for two days worth of instants to come. All made of London like a proper human and everything. Apart from being mad, of course, but you … Continue reading

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Sturm und Drang

Okay Thursday, here I am. Only I’ve given up on day names (see yesterday’s post. Or don’t, and save yourself a few minutes a word noodle.) so that would read: okay Today, here I am.  Today is more done that … Continue reading

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Presto. Not Preston.

Hey presto! Thursday is here. Not that it’s a long awaited day. Well, for United Statesians it probably is because they stopped being dependent on this day in history and made the Englishers fuck off home. But I am an … Continue reading

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