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The Personal Is Political

Today’s general election strikes me as one of the most important of my life. The rise of personality politics masks the old certainties about ideological bias from various parties while a plethora of right-leaning media moguls (most of whom are … Continue reading

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London 3/6/17: The Worst Terrorists Currently Occupy Downing Street

The weekend’s events in London and the subsequent scramble by one side to make political gains from the deaths of innocents (why yes, Theresa, I do mean you) has reminded me that my own struggles and sufferings are relative, that … Continue reading

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A Letter To The (sub)Prime Minister

Dear Theresa May, You have no right to express sympathy for the dead of any terrorist attack when you continue to ensure that the UK is one of the world’s biggest arms dealers. Terrorism starts with those who provide the … Continue reading

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The internet will be full to its digital rafters with better informed opinion pieces about the suicide bombing of Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena last night. Every one of us who mentions it actually adds to the impact … Continue reading

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Same Old…

I was low before I even heard that there is to be a snap election in June, one which looks likely to bury the Labour Party forever and with it any hopes whatsoever of British government post Brexit being interested … Continue reading

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