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Witchy Poo Lineman

I had plans for today. Minor plans but plans nonetheless. Boring, domestic plans but necessary plans. The first of those plans was to wake earlier than is usual for me (still far later than any of you for I am … Continue reading

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Squashed Tomatoes And Stew

What an amiable birthday. First thing this morning a huge man kicked down the front door, presented me with a cake and said “You’re a wizard, Harris” before making my cousin grow a tail. Then I went on a bicycle … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part 9: A Symphony Thing Happened On The Way To The Theatre

It’s Monday. I don’t have any Mondays left in America this trip, not once this one has fallen into Tuesday in about nine hours time. Stupid Mondays running out on me like that, just when I was beginning to be … Continue reading

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