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Long ago, when the world was a fraction less ancient than it is today, when I was far less ancient than I am today, I had no issue with staying awake till the sun rose, sleeping from mid-morning to late … Continue reading

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In The Quiet Of The Railway Station

If I wrote the word ‘insomnia’ seven hundred and sixty-four times and posted that as today’s blog, I doubt it would convey quite how unencumbered by sleep my night has been. Was. I should say ‘how unencumbered by sleep my … Continue reading

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Groovin’ All Week With You

Monday was yesterday, was a million years ago, was every day scrunched up into a lumpy package with sharp corners and rammed up my arse. Bit melodramatic. Let’s just say I didn’t Monday very well and am already eyeing Tuesday … Continue reading

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Oh Look, Another Insomniac Shitpost

I can’t tell if tonight’s insomnia is just another episode in a three week-long saga of broken nights and lost days or whether it is special in its own right because I’m anxious about a visit to the doctor’s surgery … Continue reading

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Kevin Turvey, Give Us Your Legs

A great way to consolidate feelings of agitation and sadness is to bag yourself a crazy night of insomnia and the ensuing frustration it brings come sunrise. Oh good, I can tick those off my check list. Anything else to … Continue reading

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A Tasty Yellow Beef

With this 2019 business being almost one third of the way done it’s safe to say I’m a much bigger fan of it so far than I was of its bastard sibling, 2018. Some things remain the same, those things … Continue reading

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Anagram Of Toilets

No-name Thursday, a day unclaimed by philosophical schools, religious groups or even the WI, just a naked Thursday swinging its junk for all to see. Shameless but not sordid as Thursdays have small, inoffensive junk. Because it is a day … Continue reading

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Hello Helio Hello

I managed to spend some time out under a real sky today. Not hours and hours because it was freakishly windy and pretty cold in spite of shiny sunface beaming down from up above. In fact most of the time … Continue reading

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Write Turn, Clyde

Although I managed to get out to buy groceries yesterday I didn’t feel like I’d done anything more than drag my reluctant carcass to a dreary chore. When insomnia beat up on me all night I doubted Wednesday and I … Continue reading

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Danger Will Robinson’s Barley Water

Cease and desist. Cancel everything. Ban all outdoor clothes. Just say no to being out of bed. Or, to put it another way, fuck off Saturday. The creeping fatigue and feebleness that has threatened to engulf me all week has … Continue reading

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