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You know you’re getting old when an eye test involves the word ‘cataracts’. Or when you stare at the floor rather than at the attractive young woman walking towards you on the street because you know she’d wonder why ‘that … Continue reading

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Everybody Poops

Gotta love April. It’s raining. It’s sunny. It’s Brexit. It’s not Brexit for a while longer. It’s spring. It’s winter. It’s all things to all men and I’m a man for all seasons. Other genders are available. On the eleventh … Continue reading

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Oh me and oh my. And oh my my. And so on. And so forth. As it were. Etcetera. Sorry, little bit joyful in the brain and soul as I got to a seminar today as a follow up to … Continue reading

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A Minority Of One?

I never expected to see a return of far-right ideologies in my lifetime. My cosy, libertarian, leftist world view did not mean I formerly imagined the world was without troubling political and social narratives but an apparent graduation towards greater … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Return Of The Native

Tired and emotional. Not in the Private Eye sense meaning I’m drunk and embarrassing myself in public just a literal sense of being tired and overwhelmed by emotion. I have stumbled from home to cafe to avoid the noisy interruption … Continue reading

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This past week has possibly been the very first all year in which I’ve felt like I’m more fully living, less simply existing. I’m proud of having achieved rather a lot (always with the disclaimer ‘for me’) and of having … Continue reading

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Don’t Walk, Don’t Walk, Don’t Walk

I’m not a waity kind of guy at the best of times. This is not the best of times (feel free to ponder Dickensian revolutionary fiction if you wish). While it seems most likely that my admittance to hospital will … Continue reading

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