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I Told Them We Already Got One

I don’t care what the weatherman says but I do find it incredibly sexist to assume the authority on meteorological matters resides in men. I don’t care what the weather person says unless the weather person says “showers” in which … Continue reading

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The Great Asparagus

Yesterday afternoon was an academic treat. I took a break from dry political statistics of the 1830s and attended a lecture on the legacy of European colonialism by now EU member states. I learned many things I didn’t know – … Continue reading

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The Tale Of Sir Ouchalot

Naughty sun, being all warm and bright and Springy, making me feel like I’m wasting the day if I lie in bed with my ouchy body so I get up, make with the body washing and put myself in town. … Continue reading

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Ik Den Holi Gralen

More sunshine, less anxiety. Such is Monday so far. I prefer it to Sunday when anxiety became the all and everything of the day quite swiftly. Today I can at least square up to anxiety and say “Fuck yourself in … Continue reading

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The Tale Of Sir LanceNot

“This is supposed to be a happy occasion, let’s not start arguing about who killed who…” April 27th is forever one of the most beautiful days of the year for me and yet simultaneously one of the saddest. My daughter … Continue reading

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