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I feel weary and wanky. No, you disgusting pervert, I’m not weary from wanking. I only wank on the sixth Sunday of every thirteenth month. What an assumption to make. I’m an old person, you know. I don’t even have … Continue reading

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Wii Unfit

I’m officially somewhat dead. A six year old told me so. Plus physical today has pretty much destroyed me. Stupid WiiFit programmes at the gym making me look ridiculous as well as killing me. For the remainder of today I … Continue reading

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The Weariness, The Fever And The Fret

The upside of powerful painkillers is pretty obvious – they’re quite well suited to killing pain powerfully for a while which can be a blessing when every day has pain and pain and pain. The downside of powerful painkillers can … Continue reading

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Rebel Scum

This coming Monday I have another respiratory check-up, ostensibly to see how I’ve been getting on with the new nebuliser treatment but also potentially to decide whether I need to have IV treatment again. If so it will be 14 … Continue reading

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Clean-up Is As Easy As Catching A Ball In A Cup

Cack. A somewhat old-fashioned word for poop. And a suitable description of how I feel today. I can use it in a sentence if you like. I feel like cack. I dread to think how much worse I’d feel without … Continue reading

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Sorry We Hurt Your Field, Mister

Two and a half hours. That’s how long I managed to interact with the outside world today. Not a very long time for any of you I’m sure but considering how locked away I’ve been this last week because of … Continue reading

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Road Runner

To shake the malaise that has hung like a storm cloud over my mountainously weird mind of late I was to be away for a couple of nights over the weekend, staying first in Northamptonshire with Adam and then in … Continue reading

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