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Fuhry Road

Some things to remember about political shenanigans in the UK lately. Those of us who aren’t nasty fascists are, of course, perturbed that Nigel Führage and his band of shitsticks garnered quite a lot of votes at the recent EU … Continue reading

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Who’s Bill?

Sometimes words just aren’t. You know what I mean? Well of course you don’t because they aren’t. This is a specific time of them aren’t-ing and there’s not a damn thing I can [insert active verb] about it. Now and … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Other

In case nobody was paying attention in 2016 let me recap the political situation in the United Kingdom and America right now: childish-tantrum, know-nothing, fuck-witted bastards are in charge and they are leading both countries down dangerous, divisive paths of … Continue reading

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State Of The Nation

A social media site which generates influence and income akin to the world’s multinational conglomerate businesses harvesting and selling off data which can be used to sway decisions during key elections? The very thought. How dare we imagine that some … Continue reading

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Do The Barthes, Man

Observation: the UK and the USA are currently governed by figures who clearly don’t give a flying fuck about the lives of the citizens they are meant to represent yet the majority of those citizens seem content to lie back … Continue reading

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Wilderness of Pain

I’m almost twice the age I expected to reach when I was a teenage dreamer lost in a world of rock and roll. I was meant to join the 27 club as far as I was concerned – just another … Continue reading

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I Feel Stupid And Contagious

Tomorrow I must suffer the indignity of being reassessed to see whether I’m still eligible for the Personal Independence Payment money I was awarded two years ago. Because my two incurable and degenerative health conditions must miraculously have gone away, … Continue reading

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