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Oh It’s Written In The Village Rolls…

Life is struggle, some just struggle less than others. To be Darwinian for a moment, eat the poor. No sorry, that’s eugenics, not Darwinism. What I meant to say was that some of us are closer to the bottom of … Continue reading

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Same Old…

I was low before I even heard that there is to be a snap election in June, one which looks likely to bury the Labour Party forever and with it any hopes whatsoever of British government post Brexit being interested … Continue reading

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(Not) Bringin’ Da Noise

I feel out of sync with the world today. It’s not so bad, the world is overly full of megalomaniac politicians all intent on pursuing hardline practices even if the consequences prove disastrous for the species as a whole. I’m … Continue reading

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It’s A Wide World

Toothache. It would be polite of toothache to just affect the teeth, right. But oh no, it’s a defiant bastard and seeps into the skull, the ears, the sinuses and ruins sleep for the whole world. Well, for me and … Continue reading

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Deep And Crisp And Steven

White, powdery stuff that makes people go all hyperactive and insane. No, not cocaine, snow. If you’ve been dreaming of a white 11th February here it is, merry 11th February, everybody’s having…ridiculous fantasies about how snow in a city is … Continue reading

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Ten Cents’ Worth For My Thoughts?

And all the world is biscuit shaped… Unless it’s a Bourbon or a custard cream. What a strange shape that would be for the world. Oblong. Even the word sounds misshapen, like its maternal words were injected with something mutational … Continue reading

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