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A Cricket Full Of Pocketknife

Wakey. Brekky. Washy. Clothey. Walky. Rehabby. Therapy-y. Lunchy. Shoppy. Homey. I did all of that today and it’s only three of an afternoon. Yes yes, YOU can do all of that and so much more any day you like but … Continue reading

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Staccato Signals Of Constant Information

Blah blah blah blah blah. I’ve been trying to keep an ‘anxiety diary’ ahead of tomorrow’s session with my therapist. It’s an insight for them into the constant steam of frenetic thoughts that plague me at times of heightened concern, … Continue reading

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Bring The Noise: How I Listen To Music

I’m a musician. No, it isn’t a nasty tropical disease although it does get into your bloodstream early in life and there is little chance of a cure. It’s vocational. It’s frequently a life wrecker and it is certainly a … Continue reading

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The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day

A waterfall of raindrops seeping past the window from a broken section of guttering, their jazz-opated rhythms a disturber of the peace and sanctity of bed. An extra layer of clothing against the cold, trousers tucked into socks to prevent … Continue reading

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