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Pools Of Sorrow

Sometimes a powerful wave of sad-flavoured loneliness engulfs my being and leaves me washed up on the bedraggled sands of an isolated cove. Metaphor, obviously, but the sadness, loneliness and being engulfed part is true. It comes out of the … Continue reading

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Bone Kicker

Bone-kicking tired. Not tired of kicking bones, that would be nonsensical; tired to the bones to such a degree that it feels like I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours taking them out one by one and allowed passers-by to kick … Continue reading

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Age Of Disenlightenment

Shaving, it’s a face thing. People shave other places too but I stick to the face apart from that one time with the leg waxing. Ouch. I’m lazy, however, and tend to reduce my facial hair with a trimmer rather … Continue reading

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I Have Much Ado To Know Myself

The year is into its fourth week and continues to be reasonably nice to me, like a kindly relative giving a poorly child ice cream to keep him quiet. Last week’s blip of depression was just that, a blip, and … Continue reading

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My Blood Will Thicken

Travel comedown, I fricking hate it. It batters my body whether I’ve been across the Atlantic or just popped over to Dublin for a couple of days. And it wounds my soul, leaving it cracked and splintered like the screen … Continue reading

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Insomnus. Lacksasleepicals. Fuggin’ tired. Basically my body doesn’t like UK time these days. UK time doesn’t taste like America times (they have several) and I blame Brexit for making me feel like this isn’t my country, these are no longer … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part 12: Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

You’ve worked out by now that the posts marked ‘travelogue’ are me recounting some of my adventures here in Americaland while those with ‘vacation scribblings’ are more obtuse, thinky pieces made out of connotation more than denotation. Or if you … Continue reading

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