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It’s All Erroneous Information

You’ve experienced instant regret, right? That feeling of having decided upon a course of action that immediately reveals itself to be an idiotic choice which leaves you no further option but to then choose remorse, regret, rueing and other words … Continue reading

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No Adjective Thursday

Seven o’clock this morning consciousness sidled up to me and whispered something in my ear. Nothing profound, nothing saucy, just one word. More of a sound, really. “Ow!” it said, for yesterday had been a physio day and consciousness didn’t … Continue reading

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Age Of Disenlightenment

Shaving, it’s a face thing. People shave other places too but I stick to the face apart from that one time with the leg waxing. Ouch. I’m lazy, however, and tend to reduce my facial hair with a trimmer rather … Continue reading

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