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No Adjective Thursday

Seven o’clock this morning consciousness sidled up to me and whispered something in my ear. Nothing profound, nothing saucy, just one word. More of a sound, really. “Ow!” it said, for yesterday had been a physio day and consciousness didn’t … Continue reading

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Not A Lot

The four of Aprils, it’s up there in my top thirty of April playing cards. Deuces are high, banker takes mescaline; you know the rules so don’t fuck me about. No, I don’t have anything of merit to say today. … Continue reading

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While my stomach is as full as a pre-intestinal chamber crammed with spaghetti bolognese and ice cream my mind is as empty as a void-like think-space churning tumbleweed nothingness inside a vacuum-like brain-tank. It’s been another weekend of isolation. Friday … Continue reading

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Oh Levels

In my dream last night the handbrake of my car was faulty, meaning I kept rolling downwards on a hill of San Francisco style steepness. A suitable metaphor for my waking life. Why can’t dreams be an escape? Why do … Continue reading

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Zhuangzi Is A Chrysallis

Humans were so distressing yesterday that I’ve eschewed them today. The language snob in me has eschewed them because some of them won’t know what eschew means. The other seventy-eight percent of me just can’t cope with all that person … Continue reading

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There has been a small improvement in ouch eye stuff. Not a huge improvement as my eyes still go ouch and radiate redness, but compared to yesterday’s ouch and redness it is a tiny bit reduced. I’m still struggling to … Continue reading

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Even If It Was For Just One Day

Wouldn’t it be good to be in your shoes, even though they’re three sizes smaller than mine and I am bound to trip over on the six inch heels?  Nik Kershaw’s first draft, ladies and gentlemen. Other notable first drafts … Continue reading

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