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Zhuangzi Is A Chrysallis

Humans were so distressing yesterday that I’ve eschewed them today. The language snob in me has eschewed them because some of them won’t know what eschew means. The other seventy-eight percent of me just can’t cope with all that person … Continue reading

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There has been a small improvement in ouch eye stuff. Not a huge improvement as my eyes still go ouch and radiate redness, but compared to yesterday’s ouch and redness it is a tiny bit reduced. I’m still struggling to … Continue reading

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Even If It Was For Just One Day

Wouldn’t it be good to be in your shoes, even though they’re three sizes smaller than mine and I am bound to trip over on the six inch heels?  Nik Kershaw’s first draft, ladies and gentlemen. Other notable first drafts … Continue reading

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It’s Only Just Begun

So here it is, Merry Friday, everybody’s having Friday. Except me. I’ve asked to be excused Fridays and be allowed to experience three years ago last Thursday instead. Ah what a day that was. There was bedding and lying down … Continue reading

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Donuts – Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

In my dreams my lungs work. I ride bicycles, I run around, I leap tall buildings, I snap General Zod’s neck when it becomes clear he will never stop trying to murder humans…Wait, that last is some movie or other. … Continue reading

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Careful Whisper

We must whisper. Speaking too loudly will spoil things. Softly, softly speakee hopefully. No comma before ‘hopefully’ thus it is an adjective. I am feeling hopeful. I am not feeling hopeful about my sleep patterns returning to normal any time … Continue reading

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Night And Day

There is an opposite to awake. Theoretically this awake-o-opposite occurs during darkness when the planet has done so much spinning that the sun won’t look at it for a few hours in protest. Theoretically. In my world the opposite to … Continue reading

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