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Like A South-Bound Freight Train

One of the books I looked through as part of my research for last week’s conference was a biography of Karl Marx subtitled ‘Man and Fighter’. Now I am unable to get the image of Marx as a boxer to … Continue reading

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That Football They Have Now

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Unless you also saw the football men of Liverpool footballing team overcome a 3-0 first leg deficit last night when they did score four goals and didn’t let the Barcelona football men score … Continue reading

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BBC television’s annual appeal to raise money to implant a personality into one lucky sportsperson has gone as well as it always does. Which is to say that speeches have been cut off before they were concluded, footage of people … Continue reading

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You Eyeing Up My Pint?

Men cannot speak to other men in pubs if they don’t know them. That’s the law. If a man speaks to another man, whom he does not know, in a pub, it will either result in a fight or in … Continue reading

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Don’t Put A Tiger In Your Tank

Sundays are made from laziness and languid late lunches. And god. And maybe football if you like that sort of thing. Which I do. Sports. Sports. Sports. I’m all about sports. Except most sports. In fact I am totally not … Continue reading

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Oh Appy Day

This is not the sort of blog that offers lifestyle advice but if it were… …I’d probably be saying something positive about what a great invention banking apps are. I bank, I bank with a bank but, as this isn’t … Continue reading

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