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The Tale Of Sir Ouchalot

Naughty sun, being all warm and bright and Springy, making me feel like I’m wasting the day if I lie in bed with my ouchy body so I get up, make with the body washing and put myself in town. … Continue reading

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That’s The Very Piano Napoleon Played At Waterloo

You, bloody farmer, making me get up an hour earlier than I want to so you can plough your fields and scatter. If that were a phrase used euphemistically I think I’d be ok with it but you really plough … Continue reading

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Tweets Of The Day

Walking back from an early appointment, I’ve taken a cafe pit stop in the neighbourhood I called my own until ten years ago. Nostalgic sightseeing wasn’t a priority as it is bitterly cold: frost still clings to the roofs of … Continue reading

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A Fifth Of April

Take a fifth of April, add in a dash of not-raining and a liberal sprinkling of hanging out with a pal putting the world to rights and you have a recipe for a fifth of April. My fifth of April; … Continue reading

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That Phoney King Of England

By law it ought to be Spring now. By. Law. Clocks went forward over the weekend signifying the terms and conditions signed by King John at the Magnum Cartridge, or something, must be ratified and spring weather should now be … Continue reading

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Every Day Would Be The First Day of Spring…

Springy sprungy. No really, it have. Unlike virtually every other first official day of summer in England since history began last year, today did not sneer at the concept of human seasons by raining and raining and raining. Oh no, … Continue reading

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